Havyaka Shaikshanika mattu Samskratika Samsthe which also named as Havyaka Educational and Cultural Association had an ambition to get its own permanent forum in the form of a building for a long time.

From time and again efforts were being made to obtain a suitable site for the construction of the building. Initial money was also paid to the Hubli- Dharwad Urban Development Authority. During The then President of the Association Shri B.D. Hegde and his team succeeded in obtaining 16 gunta site on Gokul Road in Luthimutt plot area with the help of the then Chairman of HUDA Shri Lingaraj Patil which prompted the association to initiate construction of the building.

The new body under the leadership of Shri. M.K. Hegde which came into existence on 13th July 2008 planned for the construction of the building consisting of 32,562 Sq. feet built up area providing quality facility to conduct educational and cultural activities - ground floor- 12,470 sq. feet, first floor- 13,202 sq. feet and with 689 sq. feet of second floor of construction providing living rooms for the guests also. The building also provides two separate cottages for our religious heads whenever they stay in Hubli and perform their religious activities also. The entire Plan & Estimate was done by Architects HEGDE & HEGDE Hubli.

The Association performed foundation ceremony on 26th July 2009 with an estimated cost of Rs.2 crores. With the generous donors of Havyak Community and Public representatives the building came up with an expected speed to start with. With the great efforts and generous donation from all corners we have been able to complete the ground floor and is being made available for use.

The building has now 24 hours drinking water facilities with an efficient borewell fixed with electric motor.

However, we have long long way to go in completing this ambitious project. We have still to build first floor and second floor also. Of course it is not possible without the generous financial help from philanthropic people. We have an aim of completing the building in a short period of time. Of course we have already invested Rs.1.00Crores for completion of first floor. As the plan estimate was done 5 years ago, due to slow work progress, a revise cost estimate is done by our Architects Hegde & Hegde and as per the revise estimate balance amount required to complete the work amounts to Rs. 2.50 crores.