Havyak Sansthe- Hubli-Dharwad:

Population of Havyaks is highly cultured and known for hospitality. However over the change of time many Havyaks have chosen employment in different places other than their native. Increasing population, number of educated youths, reduction in agriculture production led to migration of youths to cities. They went outside their native place seeking different employment or profession. While some took to employment in various places, some went in for private business, contracts and consultancy apart from other type of work. However, Havyaks did not shun their originality even in alien places and maintained the rich tradition and heritage. A portion of Havyak population also migrated to Hubli and Dharwad wan back in fifties. The number slowly increased during these years with enhancement of opportunities. Thus there was need for an organization to unite these people who came out of their houses to maintain their affinity. Some senior citizens residing in this twin city thought of founding one such organization to retain their identity apart from supplanting the growth of this city with their yeoman service. Way back in 1982 some leaders of Havyak community in the twin city of Hubli- Dharwad laid the foundation for one organization with the motto of serving the members of the community in the field of education, employment, business and service sectors. One of the most prominent persons Shri Shankar Avadhani became the founder President of organization naming it as Havyak Shairkshnik Mattu Sanskritika Sansthe with a view to promote education and culture. Scholarship to the poor Havyak children who come to this twin city for higher education, arrangement for stay for them in various places, providing impetus to them with scholarships and added to that perform all Havyak rituals retaining the cultural and religious identity. The Sansthe has consistent growth and never looked back. Shri S.K.Avadhani, Shri M.K. Hegde, Shri R.K. Hegde, Shri G.S. Venkateshwar Rao, Shri G.S. Hegde Hasrgod, Shri Nagesh Bhat, Shri S.R. Hegde, Shri. S.V. Hegde, Shri B.D. Hedge generously contributed their mite for promoting this institution, of course with the help of all members of Havyak community residing in this twin city. Today there is perceptible growth of this Sansthe and the quantum of population has also increased to almost 600 families playing a vital role in the development of this growing city. Under the leadership of senior most advocate and also member of Doddamane family of Siddapur Shri B.S. Hegde when he was the president a 16 gunta CA site was availed with great effort in prime place of Gokul road near NWKRTC depot with generous help from Chairman of Urban Development Authority Shri Lingaraj Patil. The next body of management which came to serve the community through this Sansthe started constructing a comprehensive building with multifarious purposes at a huge cost of Rs.3 Crores. The members of the community residing in Hubli and Dharwad generously contributed with finance and physical service and already forty percent of the building has been complete and it might take another year for completion and dedicate it for public service. The Seer of His Highness Shri Ramachandrapur Mutt Shri Shri Shri Madjagdguru Shankarcharya Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji blessed the Sanshte with Suvarna Mantrakshate. Similarly His Highness Shri Shri Shri Jagadguru Shnakaracharya Gangadharendra Saraswati Samiji of Svarnavalli Mut of Sonda has also blessed the Sansthe with Suvarna Mantrakshte and hence the building is coming up very fast. Contribution from Public Representatives also is unforgettable. Mr. Jagadish Shettar , the Present Chief Minister granted Rs.5 Lakhs from Regional area development fund, shri Pralhad Joshi Member of Parliament also granted Rs. 5 Lakh. Similarly the member of Legislative Council Vijay Sankeshwar granted Rs.10 lakh from his fund with whose help we could boldly resort to this venture. The then Deputy Commissioner of Dharwad district Shri Darpan Jain was kind enough to release the fund directly to Havyak Sansthe account which gave us more inspiration.

• Creation of sense of unity among Havyaks leading to awareness of association resulting in all round progress of the community.

• Protection of Havyaka religion, social habit and culture.

• Encourage help and support to Havyaka students, youth talented persons and employment seekers.

• Financial help for needy persons due to calamities, widow ship and disability.

• Sense of Havyakas for their status.

• Publishing the periodical news magazine and souvenirs on and often.

• Constriction of hostels for students.

• Conducting free check up camp and running hospital nursing home.


The Sansthe has been engaged through out in organizing various cultural and religious activities to retain the identity of Havyaks apart from marinating incessant relationship among them. It has been promoting Havyak Art like Havyak Haadgugalu, dance, music, drama and Yakshagana. A Havyak women troupe performed Yakshagana in Hubli. Every year Havyak Habba is being organized in Hubli for the entire day once in a year where efforts are being made to unite all the Havyaks of Hubli and Dharwad city by inviting prominent personalities. Scholarships for the talented students in the twin city are being distributed on the occasion of Havyak Habba.